Director’s Blog January 2014

Hi Kirk families,

We are nearly a month into the new year, and even though the calendar says “winter”, we all are experiencing summer, and unfortunately, we have not had to adjust to any rainy  day scheduling.

By now you have noticed that two trees on the playground are missing. That is the first step in the redesign and upgrading of our playground. They were removed, not for the design, but because our arborist recommended they be removed for safety. Parts of both trees had become structurally unsound and posed a future risk. We chose to act sooner rather than later.

The playground project has received several large donations from generous church members who are friends of the school. This will allow us to revamp the entire playground area, including the area that doubles as parking.  The black top needs to be removed and replaced, which will give us the opportunity to install an adequate drainage system, as well as conduit for lighting. There are areas of the perimeter wall that also must be addressed. These projects are very expensive and fund raising will need to continue. We have a wonderful start, and I am so grateful for the generosity that has brought us to this point.

Have you seen  the new Kirk app? It is an exciting addition to our web site that is available for both Android and iPhones.

Here is how it works: You go to and scroll to the bottom of the home page. Click on the icon that represents your phone, either iPhone or Android. Download the Kirk App. It will ask to send you push notifications. Say “yes” because that allows us to send you emergency notifications, or any information that requires timely attention. It gives you notice of any postings by the office or the teachers.

All the elementary teachers and some of the preschool teachers, regularly post  blogs, with activities of your children, probably doing things that you would not get to see–or maybe even hear about. When these blogs are posted, you will receive a notice that something new is available for you to enjoy. Smugmug, videos from science and technology classes and news are all on the app.

This is the first time we have had a way to reach you on your mobile device without you signing onto the website or accessing your email. This app gives quick and easy access to important information from Kirk as well as updates from your child’s teacher.

Thank you, Miss Christa, for setting this up for us, and thank you, PTF, for encouraging us to get this going.

‘Til next time–