Kirk Elementary’s balanced approach to educating children emphasizes individuality, character, good judgment and a lifelong love of learning.

Kirk Elementary School offers a non-religious academic curriculum in a community that welcomes children of all faiths. Our affiliation with Kirk O’ The Valley Presbyterian Church — a West Valley institution for more than 50 years — ensures a safe environment and affordable tuition for all families.

Program highlights include:

√ Child-centered philosophy with a “touch of realism” and a focus on character development
√ Safety and security of a small school where “everybody knows your name”
√ Experienced, well-qualified staff
√ Standards-based curriculum
√ Enrichment classes during regular program

Comprehensive Academics

Kirk School provides a rich academic experience for children, supplemented by special assemblies and optional after-school activities. Our instruction develops skill levels necessary for middle school and the ability to succeed in standardized testing.

Arts & Music

With art and music instruction as part of our regular program, our students develop their creative abilities and grow to appreciate other cultures.

Math & Science

Math and science skills are reinforced by hands-on demonstrations.

Language Arts

Our focus on reading and writing helps us meet one of our promises to children: the ability to express themselves effectively.

Standardized Testing

Our standardized testing program, conducted each Spring, complements our overall Elementary academic program. Click here to read more about our tests and results.

Assemblies & Activities

Click here for a list of special experiences we have offered our children in recent years.