About Us

Educational Philosophy

At Kirk O’ The Valley School, ours is a child-centered philosophy with a “touch of realism.” While our curriculum and assessment program align with California state guidelines, we maintain the flexibility to make sure that all children are successful learners. We do not try to make kids fit a curriculum; our children are viewed, and valued, as individuals.

  • Attention is focused on individual learning styles.
  • Multiple Intelligences Theory is applied in a generally traditional learning environment.
  • Kirk students are encouraged to love learning and to “be children”, yet are able to transition to highly structured middle schools such as Chaminade, Viewpoint, Sierra Canyon, and LAUSD magnets.

The Kirk School Logo

The Kirk O’ The Valley School logo was designed to emphasize our individualized approach to educating children:

  • Kirk School’s guidance, represented by a compass, serves your child on his or her life journey.
  • Inward pointers underscore the importance of individuality, character, good judgment and love of learning.
  • At the center is the individual child, represented by a warm, radiating sun.